Arrival of the Guests

I will play background music for up to 30 minutes as guests arrive, playing a  mixture of classical  to popular music.  


Walking down the aisle

I will play your chosen piece as the bride walks down the aisle. After you have made your booking we will discuss what piece of music you would like to have as the bride enters. If you are unsure of what would be a good piece to walk down the isle to, I can talk you through it and make some suggestions. Including sending you some sample tracks to help you find the piece that makes your entrance.


Signing of the  Register

A piece of music previously chosen by the couple.


Bridal Exit

Again, a piece of  music chosen by the couple.


Reception/Drinks Reception

Background music to add to the atmosphere of your day. This can be in addition to the ceremony or separate.


Prices are worked out individually for each booking depending on the needs and requirements you have for your event.


Please contact me for a quote. Remember to include the details of your event  (date, location, ceremony/ reception etc)